Others who bought this book say:

“After living w/ a CH for almost 12 years and all its affects I finally found a wonderful book that has helped me regain my dignity. It has helped me regain my sanity, self worth and more than anything understand that I have nothing to do with this addiction and to further accept that breaking this addiction does not come overnight as many CHs will lead you to believe. This book has removed the blinders from my eyes where I can look back and see the CH for what he is. When I read the website and Guide to Emotional Freedom, I thought surely there must have been a fly on my wall taking notes. Everything was exactly as I lived it. I recommend this website and book for your peace of mind; for understanding the enormity of the addiction you are dealing with; for regaining your life and not allowing a CH to destroy you or your children or your loved ones.” (From Issy in Texas)

I have read Steve’s book from front to back, and I have to say for any of you still trying to put together this puzzle, his book has the missing pieces. It is powerful, honest, and very blunt. I have reached the stage of letting go and forgiving, and the book also taught me a few other ways to live without dependence. It is a book worth reading for anyone who wants to better their life. This book will teach you that to hit bottom you have to reach for the top. Thank You so much for your wisdom!!! Love, Cher

Hi Steve!!!
First I want to say endless thank yous to you, your fiancée and all contributors for your outstanding book. Especially to you for your enduring mission; truly amazing. I’m on my second read of the book & my card is always with me in my wallet. My therapist asked me the other night what tool has helped me the most during all of this (Naranon meeting, many books, friends, etc.) and your website was my answer hands down! I know I haven’t posted my story, but I have a chbf, well now exchbf. I’m really trying to work No Contact/Involvement and just like everyone on the site says it’s so, so hard. You guys give me hope!!!


Words cannot describe how much your book has helped me! It is the ONLY book that comprehensively deals with facts, stats and most importantly HEALING! It feels so good and so therapeutic to know that I am not alone or crazy and that CH’s all have the same “formula” In life. I broke up w my CH as soon as I discovered he was using but the pain, misery and thoughts that I could help were still there-the emotional ties unbroken even though I moved out and broke up. After reading your book, I know that even though emotional ties and feelings to save are a waste of time. Thank you for saving me years of pain and helping me to regain my life, sanity and move forward. You are an angel and finding your book was a blessing.

Much love!